KPR Youth Sports: How to Register Online

(Returning Participants Only)

Step 1 – Go to the Kingsport Parks & Recreation web site at

(This site supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & Internet Explorer 11)


Step 2 – Connect to ETrak (Register for Programs & More)

Step 3 – Click the Red Register button


Step 4 – Choose Parks and Recreation (Youth Sports) on the left side of the screen


 Step 5 – Click on the shopping cart in the bottom right hand corner of the league


Step 6 – You will be asked to sign in.  Choose one of the following options:

  1. Sign In – If you know your username and password. Note: If you have registered for swimming lessons at the Aquatics Center online, this will be the same username and password.
  2. New Account – If you have not signed up for a program with the City of Kingsport previously. You will receive an email with instructions.
  3. Forgot User-Name and Password – You will receive an email with instructions.

Step 7 – Once you sign in, you will receive a screen saying the login was successful.  Click Ok.


Step 8 – Click on the shopping cart again and a screen will appear with your family members.  Click on the person to be registered by clicking on the box beside their name and then select Next.


Step 9 – Click Yes on “Opt in to Emails” then select Next


Step 10 –  Enter any Special Requests and select Submit


Step 11 – Read and Agree to the Waiver.  Click Next.  Note: On the 2nd and following registration – Check on agree to Liability.

Step 12 – If there are other youth to be registered, follow steps 5 – 13.   Once the last child has been registered, click Checkout at the bottom of the list of the items to the right of the screen.


Step 13 – Choose whether you are going to pay with a debit or credit card (Both have a $3.00 convenience fee) or an electronic check (no convenience fee).  Click Next .


Step 14 – Enter Payment Information displayed on the screen.


Step 15 – A screen will appear to select an email address for receipt to be mailed.  Click the arrow to select the email address.  Note: If you only have one email address, this screen may not be displayed.  If you don’t need your receipt, you can choose Skip.


Step 16 – “Associated Documents” screen will then be displayed for you to review.  Download all documents to your computer.


Step 17 – Click done when all documents are downloaded.

Step 18 – Click Sign Out to sign off the system.