The Kingsport Greenbelt is a linear park that connects residential neighborhoods, traditional parks, downtown commercial districts, schools, and activity centers. It features a pathway that meanders along gentle streams, wanders through marshlands, glides across open meadows, and passes historic buildings and houses that have been preserved and restored.  

Kingsport Greenbelt Use Rules

• Ride, walk, or skate to the Right (Allow others to pass on the Left) • Be considerate of others. Ride, walk, or skate no more than two abreast. Stay off of private property. Abide by all noise ordinances. • When bicycling or skating, warn those you are passing from behind. Yield to pedestrians. Maintain speed appropriate to conditions. Maintain control of equipment at all times. • Children using the trail should be accompanied by an adult. • Use pathways only during daylight hours. • Leave vegetation undisturbed and protected. • Keep pets on a short leash at all times. • Report all vandalism. • Deposit all trash in litter receptacles. • Drugs, alcohol, hunting, shooting, open fires, horses, and motorized vehicles are prohibited. The Kingsport Greenbelt is a linear community park. The Park features include: A 9 mile paved or concrete trail with access points to neighborhoods, shopping centers, schools, and other parks.  Trail width varies from 6′-10′. Water fountains/refill stations Outdoor restrooms and/or portolets Park Benches Picnic shelters Fishing piers Boat ramps A children’s playground Mileage markers An emergency call station Lighting in designated areas Blue bird boxes and birding areas For more information about birding visit the Kingsport Birding Trail website Information signage A piece of outdoor fitness equipment (bench press, elyptical) Bicycle racks A bicycle repair station Bicycle air pump

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Kingsport, TN

Hours Open dawn to dark For more information contact 423-229-9457. For maps and details:

Reservation For shelter reservations contact 423-224-2489.  The Greenbelt is not available for general reservation.